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Make a Purchase

To make a purchase just give us a call or email. We custom build all of our trailers to your specific needs. Our Product Specialist will help you design and price out your trailer according to your trailer functions. We will discuss in detail exactly how you are going to use the trailer so we can build your trailer to fit your needs. We will provide a detailed quote of the exact cost of production and furnish a freight cost if needed.

Blue Prints / Computer Aided Drawings (CAD)

To begin the building process a 50% deposit is required. After receiving the deposit our Drafter will provide a CAD drawing of your trailer. This will be a detailed blue print of your trailer. It will show all cabinets, sinks, elect. outlets etc.. You will be required to review and approve the CAD drawing.

Building Process

After we get the "OK to Build" from you concerning the CAD drawings, we will begin the production process. It will take 4-8 weeks to build your trailer. The more elaborate the trailer the longer to build time. However, please remember that QUALITY takes time. After the trailer is complete, we will contact you. We will send multiple pictures for you to look over. Then final payment is due. We can either ship the trailer to your location for $1.50 per loaded mile or you are welcome to pick up at the factory.