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Motorcycle / Toy Hauler Trailers

7x12ta Custom Motorcycle Trailer with Decals....$6195

Areo-Slanted V-Nose, 32" RV side door

Slanted ATP sides, Alum. Star Mag Wheels

Custom Motorcycle Decals, Alum. Side Wall Vents

LED Exterior Clearance Lights, Slanted ATP Rear

7x16ta Custom Motorcycle Trailer.....$7195

V-Nose Front, 32" RV Side Door w/Flush Lock

Slanted Black ATP Sides, Smooth Alum. Fenders

Alum. Star Mag. Wheels, Alum. Side Wall Vents

Custom Motorcycle Decals, Slanted Black ATP on Rear

LED Exterior Clearance Lights, 

Med. Duty Rear Ramp Door, 16" Ramp Extension

3/8 plywood walls, 3/4 plywood floor, Alum front shelf

Tube steel roof bows and side post, Thermo-Ply Ceiling

8.5x16ta Custom Motorcycle trailer (2-tone color).....$9195

V-Nose Front, 36" RV side door, 2-tone color w/anodized divider

Alum. Star Mag Wheels, 7000# GVWR

LED Exterior Clearance Lights, 78" interior height

24" Stone Guard with ATP Nose, Triple tube Tongue

Heavy Duty Rear Ramp, 16" Ramp extension

110v Elect. Package, 13,500 BTU A/C

8.5x24ta toy Hauler with Front Ramp...$10995

Extended V-Nose front, 48" Ramp in V-Nose

24" ATP Stone Guard, 60" Extended Triple Tube Tongue

24" ATP Sides and Rear, 48" Escape Door

Alum. Star Mag. Wheels, LED Exterior Clearance Lights

Heavy Duty Rear Ramp with ATP and 16" Extension

3/8 plywood walls and 3/4 plywood floor

Recessed E-Track in Floor, 78" interior height

48" Front Ramp, 36" RV side door with ATP step well