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We deliver anywhere in the United States for only $1.50 per loaded mile

Custom Trailer Connection uses only the best transport companies in the industry. We have shipped thousands of trailers over the years and customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Once your trailer has completed the production process, you will receive multiple pictures to look over. You will have the opportunity to make sure your trailer is built to your liking. Then final payment is received and we set up the shipping. Just that easy. The truck driver will contact you to make sure he has the correct address and finalize any specific delivery instructions you might have. You will pay the driver directly the transportation fee upon delivery. Custom Trailer Connection does not profit at all from the delivery of your trailer. You get the best deal possible.

Factory Pick Up

You may decide to pick up at the factory

If you prefer to save money on transportation and pick up directly at the factory, that is no problem. Upon completion of the production process you will be sent pictures to look over. If there are any changes we need to make please let us know. Then just let us know when you would like to pick up at the factory. We will need the date and time of day you plan to arrive. We do pick ups on the weekends. However, there may be a small pick up fee ($50) associated with the weekend pick up. Our normal pick times are Monday - Friday, 8am to 6pm.